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Speaking of famous Hong Kong landmarks, Lion Rock would be a definite choice. Amah Rock, which is also located within Lion Rock Country Park, is also legendary. At 15m tall, Amah Rock is originally a large piece of granite standing on the mountain. Weathering and erosion cracked it into two pieces - one larger and one smaller - resembling a woman carrying her child on her back. There is a sorrow but touching story behind this rock. According to a local myth, a woman climbed up the mountain with her child on her back every day to gaze out at the sea, longing for the return of her husband, who was then oceans apart, working far away to support the family. One day, a thunderstorm strike when the mother and her child were going up the mountain - they were turned into a rock at once. Witnessing how Shatin transformed from a village to vibrant city with densely erected high-rise buildings, Amah Rock is now a famous landmark of Shatin and a popular tourist spot. This story also reminds us that we must check the weather forecast of the Hong Kong Observatory before we embark on a hiking trip.

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Transportation Information

Take bus and alight at “Worldwide Gardens” bus stop. Go to Hung Mui Kuk Barbecue Area and walk up to the catchwater in Wilson Trail Section 5. Walk ahead for a few meters, turn right and walk uphill to reach Amah Rock.
Leave by retracing the same path to Worldwide Gardens”bus stop.

KMB routes - 80, 80A, 80P, 81C, 81S, 85, 85B, 86A, 87B, 89B, 170, 182, 281B, 281M

Citybus routes - 170, 182

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