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Trail Summary
1.2 km
0.75 hours
North New Territories
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Lai Chi Wo holds the largest and the most primaeval Coastal Heritiera woods in Hong Kong. Coastal Heritiera represents the largest mangrove species in Hong Kong; its huge buttress roots extend crossly to enable them to tower on the soft mud at intertidal zone. The silvery white leaf bottoms reflect strong light to decrease the temperature of plants. Its nut-like fruit has a strong projecting almost winged keel along the outer edge, just looks like the eye of the Ultraman. The tissue of the fruit is filled with air spaces, it helps the fruit to float on sea water and disperse.

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Transportation Information

Take public transport to Wu Kau Tang bus terminus or Green Minibus terminus located at Chi Sum Road. Then walk from Wu Kau Tang to Lai Chi Wo for 2 hours; or take ferry to reach & leave Lai Chi Wo

Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) routes - 275R (275R only runs on Sundays and public holidays)
Green Minibus routes - 20R

Ferry Service
- Ma Liu Shui to Lai Chi Wo (Depart at 09:00 on Sundays and public holidays only)
- Lai Chi Wo to Ma Liu Shui (Depart at 15:30 on Sundays and public holidays only)
- Sam Mun Tsai to Tai Shui Hang/Lai Chi Wo/Kat O/Ap Chau (Tuesdays and Thursdays only; Except public holidays) (This is a trial service.  For details, please refer to the relevant notice of the Transport Department)

The transportation information provided in this website is for reference only. Please check the updated transportation information from the websites of Transport Department and relevant transport utilities before setting off.

Hong Kong eTransport web page

Route Map

The map below shows the location of the scenic spot.
For details, please refer to the transportation information above and photos captions text below.