MacLehose Trail (Section 8) Lead Mine Pass to Route Twisk
MacLehose Trail

Trail Summary

9.7 km
4 hours
Central New Territories
Overall Difficulty (4-Star Difficult)

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Hong Kong used to have many mine sites, one of which was Lead Mine Pass. There were mining activities in the east of Shing Mun Country Park in as early as the 1930s. It was not until the 1960s that the mine sites were derelict, even to date, as a result of the emergence of a large number of overseas large-scale mine sites and the plummeting price of ore. Lead Mine Pass still has many mine caves which owns a history of over a century. Don’t be daunted by the 600 upward steps starting from Lead Mine Pass, the remaining tracks of the eighth section are flat and easy to walk. Tai Mo Shan, with the height of 957 meters, which you will walk past on the way, is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. It is also the start point of Shing Mun River and Lam Tsuen River. The hillside in the north are wet and cold, which laid the foundations for the growth of camellia. Remains of trapezoid-shaped tea cultivation fields, which were established in the past, can still be seen. In autumn, countless hikers gravitate towards Tai Mo Shan to take pictures of the golden miscanthus. Cattle are every so often seen to prop themselves against each other to take rests. Enjoying the scenery from a height is always the reward for hiking. On sunny days with a cloudless sky, you can not only enjoy the view of the New Territories from Tai Mo Shan but also Tsing Ma Bridge and Shenzhen. On humid days, the mist-enveloped city is yet another sort of scenery shrouded in mystery.

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Transportation Information

Start Point
Take off from San Uk Ka or Ta Tit Yan and then walk to Yuen Tun Ha. From  Yuen Tun Ha, walk along Wilson Trail (Section 7) for about one and a half hour to Lead Mine Pass
Green Minibus route - 23K and 23S

End Point
Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) route - 51

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Route Map

The below map showing the route and the scenic spots along the hiking trail.
For details, please refer to the transportation information above and photos captions text below.

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