Luk Wu Country Trail
Country Trail

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5.3 km
3 hours
Sai Kung
Overall Difficulty (3-Star Demanding)

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It is not uncommon to think of trails near the water during summer. Along Luk Wu Country Trail, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy extensive views of High Island Reservoir on the south and Tai Long Wan on the east. Also, they can have the chance to walk past Sheung Luk Stream, which is hailed as one of the nine famous streams locally and offers their eyes a cool break.  Setting off from Sai Wan Road in Sai Kung, visitors are welcomed by High Island Reservoir, which boasts the greatest capacity among all reservoirs in Hong Kong.  The reservoir kept the name of a fishing village that was affected and further relocated due to the reservoir construction projects. In February, Chinese New Year Flowers greet hikers along the route, which leads to the picturesque Sheung Luk Stream through the thick woods. Along the path, there are countless stone walls that were once part of Luk Wu Village.  Due to its remote location, the place displays tranquility and quite a lot of monks and votaries clean their minds there though most of the religious sites are no longer operating now.   There are a few ascents which require certain physical strength but hikers will get rewarded by scenes of Chek Keng Hau, Sham Wan Tsai, Wan Tsai Peninsula and Tap Mun.  Visitors will also find a unique sign marking “one and only” and depicting a deer’s head, which serves as a photo-taking spot.

Transportation Information

Start Point
Take the village bus and get off at the end of Sai Kung Sai Wan Road.

Village Bus - NR29

End Point
Take green minibus to Sai Kung at end point or walk along "Yi Ting" at Pak Tam Road towards Pak Tam Chung for 4 minutes to reach bus stop for leaving.

Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) routes - 94 and 96R (96R only runs on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays)
Green Minibus routes - 7 and 9

The transportation information provided in this website is for reference only. Please check the updated transportation information from the websites of Transport Department and relevant transport utilities before setting off.

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Route Map

The below map showing the route and the scenic spots along the hiking trail.
For details, please refer to the transportation information above and photos captions text below.

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