Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail
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Hong Kong Island
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Located inside Lung Fu Shan Country Park, the Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail features some batteries that have been standing for as many as a hundred years within a span of 400 metres. Before the outbreak of World War I, the British military authorities already intended to build a battery on a hill in the north-western part of Hong Kong Island to strengthen the defence and protect against invasion by France and Russia from the west.  In 1901, the construction of the battery completed on Lung Fu Shan at an elevation of 307 metres, overlooking the entire western district on Hong Kong Island and enjoying the best terrain advantage.  With the advent of air power following the First World War, the battery was converted into an anti-aircraft battery, with the addition of many battery buildings and bunkers around in order to defend against the Japanese army.  Not only has it stood witness to the local military development, it has also seen the Battle of Hong Kong.   In the December of 1941, it was air-raided and the anti-aircraft guns were destroyed, forcing the defending troops to retreat.  Its ruins can still be seen today.  Although the battery itself has long been removed, the original emplacements, bunkers, command post, magazines, observation posts, washrooms, and the many battery buildings generally survive intact and thus are easily identifiable. Overlooking the western part of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour, this trail has some interpretation panels that remind visitors of the bitter past of the Battle of Hong Kong.

Transportation Information

Start Point
The entrance of the Picnic Area Site No.1 on Hatton Road, in Lung Fu Shan Country Park.

MTR - Island Line "HKU" Station Exit A2
Citybus route - 3A, 4, 4X, 7, 23, 30X, 37A, 40, 40M, 71, 90B, 91, 103, 970, 970X, 973
Green Minibus route - 3

End Point
Same as start point.

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Route Map

The below map showing the route and the scenic spots along the hiking trail.
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