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When planning a trip, keep on the maintained trails with clear sign posts as far as possible to ensure safety. This website provides information of Long Trails, Family Walks, Nature Trails, Country Trails maintained by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, and other special hiking trails having the interpretation plates installed by the Authority. Visitors can choose a suitable route based on their interest, physical strength and experience according to their levels of difficulty, regions and types.


Family Walk

Family walks are designed for family members to enjoy the pleasure of hiking. They have gentle slopes and mild lengths from 1km to 3.5km that are easily accessible for people of all ages. Waymarks are installed along the trail. The routes require about half an hour to two hours to complete, and hikers can enjoy fresh air and beautiful sceneries of the countryside. Most routes are specially designed as circular walks so that hikers can return back to the original point. As all family walks are paved with soil or stones, hikers have to pay special attention when the paths become muddy and slippery on rainy days.

Nature Trail

Nature Trails are built at the locations of significant conservation values. Interpretation plates are installed along the trail to introduce the wildlife, vegetation, history and village life to enable visitors to enjoy the countryside and encourage them to treasure it. Visitors can read the interpretation plates according to their pace and interest.

Country Trail

Country trails of different lengths are set up at scenic country parks, with waymarked footpaths where visitors can enjoy the beautiful sceneries alongside.

Long Trail

Long Trail including Hong Kong Trail (length 50 KM), Lantau Trail (length 70 KM), MacLehose Trail (length 100KM) and Wilson Trail (length 78 KM).


Other than the aforementioned hiking trails, on-site interpretation plates are installed along some special trails to introduce the interesting features along the path.


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