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Tai Mo Shan Hiking Practice Trail
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Route Introduction

Level : 1/4 Distance : 1 km Time : 1Hour(s)
Starting Point : Rotary Park
Finishing Point:Rotary Park

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Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
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Surface (1 Star)

Hiking Practice Trail Information

The Hiking Practice Trail at Tai Mo Shan and aimed to provide the basic safety and essential knowledge on hiking activity to the public. It is an easy walk and is suitable for family and individual who are interested in hiking. Take the bus and get off at Twisk, walk along Tai Mo Shan Road to reach the Rotary Park, the entrance of the trail is right there.

How long do we need to complete the hiking practice trail? According to Naismth's Law, adult can walk 4 km within an hour and need an additional hour for every 500m gain in altitude. Taken the local condition into consideration, you could estimate the time required. Besides, physical fitness is essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. Follow the instructions at the "step test" station, you may check if you are ready for long distance hiking.

You can learn how to locate yourself by using a map on the interpretative sign. Believe it or not, walking downhill is harder than going uphill, as it requires certain skills. Use the footprints along the trail to practice "zagzig" downhill method. Walk through this woodland circular trail and practice all kinds of hiking techniques, then head back to the Rotary Park, the destination of the trail.


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Tai Mo Shan Practice Trail
Tai Mo Shan Practice Trail Tai Mo Shan Practice Trail    

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