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Pineapple Dam Nature Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 1/4 Distance : 0.8 km Time : 1 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Pineapple Dam 
 Finishing Point : Pineapple Dam

Difficulty (1 Star)
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (1 Star)
Surface (1 Star)

Pineapple Dam Nature Trail Information


Pineapple Dam Nature Trail is located inside Shing Mun Country Park. The trail is about 0.8 km in length and the time required to finish is about one hours. The trail features 14 scenic spots, introducing the Shing Mun Reservoir, catchwater, and interesting plants along the trail.

Pineapple Dam is situated next to Shing Mun Reservoir minibus terminus. The Dam is so named because there were once many pineapple fields. Climb up the steps by the minibus terminus, then turn right at the top for the start point of the Nature Trail. The broad forest trail along the west bank of Shing Mun Reservoir will lead you to the Chinese Banyans parading their aerial roots in the distance and the fragrant Desmos in early Summer. Once you pass through some Hog Plum trees, which bear adorable red flowers in April, you will reach the catchwater that collects stream water and directs to the Reservoir. Along the Nature Trail, you will also encounter Sweet Gum which will turn red in Autumn, the lichens and bryophytes, as well as the wild coffee.


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Pineapple Dam Nature Trail
Pineapple Dam Nature Trail Pineapple Dam Nature Trail    

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