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Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 1/4 Distance : 1 km Time : 1 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Tai Mong Tsai Road Fuk Hing Bridge
 Finishing Point : Sheung Yiu Folk Museum

Difficulty (1 Star)
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (1 Star)
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Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail Information


Make a start in Pak Tam Chung and walk along Tai Mong Tsai Road. Your hike begins just across Tai Mong Tsai Road Fuk Hing Bridge. Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail is a level riverside walk with stops along the way to observe geographical features and wild life characteristically found in brackish "Chung", the first stop, refers to a channel entering the sea, where freshwater and back flowing sea water at high tide come together to create unique brackish habitats. Pak Tam Chung is so named because wetlands. It sits at the mouth of one such channel.

All along the trail you see mangroves lining the shores. Mangroves have a novel way of adapting to their low-oxygen habitat. Their aerial roots jut out from the mud like chopsticks to gulp air. Across the mudflat, mudskippers move agilely on the mud surface, unperturbed by fiddler crabs pompously flaunting their large odd chelipeds. Further up, the trail continues through some woods and bamboo groves, with many utility plants cultivated by villagers, such as the rough-leafed Sandpaper Vine and Incense Tree. Just before the end, you find a rustic lime kiln. It has been listed as a protected monument alongside Sheung Yiu Village. The latter is now a folk museum open to the public.


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Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail
Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail    

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