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Eagle's Nest Nature Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 1/4 Distance : 3 km Time : 1.5 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Tai Po Road   
Finishing Point : Tai Po Road

Difficulty (1 Star)
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (1 Star)
Surface (1 Star)

Eagle's Nest Nature Trail Information


Eagle's Nest Nature Trail is located inside Lion Rock Country Park. The trail is about 3 km in length and the time required to finish is about two hours. The trail features 13 scenic spots, introducing the plants, biochemical phenomenon, and the neighbouring regions.

Eagle's Nest Nature Trail is a circular route orbiting around the mid-slopes of Eagle's Nest (Tsim Shan). The hill is a famous roosting place of the Black Kite, which originates the name Eagle's Nest. You can enjoy the natural scenery along the trail. Gazing down is Kowloon Reservoir. Completed in 1910, the reservoir was the first water storage facility in Kowloon. Together with the nearby Shek Lei Pui Reservoir, Kowloon Reception Reservoir and Kowloon Byewash Reservoir, it forms the Kowloon Group of Reservoirs. On this trail, you can learn about Shiuying Bamboo, a flora species named after renowned botanist Dr. Hu Shiuying and different plant species like lichens, bryophytes, Reevesia, Sandpaper Vine and Silverback Artocarpus. A little way forward, the view across Central New Territories, where the uplands of Kam Shan, Smugglers' Ridge and Smugglers' Pass, Tai Mo Shan, Needle Hill and Grassy Hill roll are seen. Along the trail, the scenery of the Kowloon Peninsula is clearly shown.


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Eagle's Nest Nature Trail
Eagle's Nest Nature Trail Eagle's Nest Nature Trail    

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