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Aberdeen Nature Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 1/4 Distance : 1.2 km Time : 1 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Lower Aberdeen Reservoir  
Finishing Point : Upper Aberdeen Reservoir

Difficulty (1 Star)
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (1 Star)
Surface (1 Star)

Aberdeen Nature Trail Information


Climb gently up Yue Kwong Road. The entrance of Aberdeen Country Park is just a short distance away. The starting point of the nature trail is on the east bank of Lower Aberdeen Reservoir.

Lower Aberdeen Reservoir was originally a private reservoir built by a papermill. In 1930, it was surrendered to the government for modification into a "direct catchment" collect rain water from the nearby slopes.

This nature trail offers panoramic views of Aberdeen, overlooking the typhoon shelter, public housing estates and a catholic convent full of Chinese architectural charm. The catchwater stretching from east to west on the southern slopes of Bennet's Hill, diverts stream water and hill runoffs to the reservoir. These slopes that depend on a catchment system are called "indirect catchment".

On trailside there are a few dark-coloured pyroclastic rocks. They are products of eruptive volcanic activities some 2 million years ago, and contain minerals like feldspar, quartz and biotite. Aberdeen is a habitat of Black-eared Kites, so see if you can spot some of these handsome raptors circling above. At the dam of the Upper Aberdeen Reservoir, the trail ends.


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Aberdeen Nature Trail
Aberdeen Nature Trail Aberdeen Nature Trail    

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