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Fung Hang Family Walk
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Route Introduction
Level : 2/4 Distance : 2.25 km Time : 0.75 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Fung Hang  
Finishing Point : Bride's Pool Road

Difficulty (2 Stars)
Star Star  
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (2 Stars)
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Surface (2 Stars)
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Fung Hang Family Walk Information


Fung Hang Family Walk is located on the small hill east of Kai Kuk Shue Ha, reaching Sha Tau Kok Sea to the north and Bride's Pool Road to the south. Traveling east along the road from the minibus stop at Luk Keng, and reaching the coastal path, one will arrive at the starting point of the Family Walk. The Walk begins along the coast where egrets are often seen foraging. The sea breeze makes the area even more fascinating. Reaching the barbecue site and slowly walking up the small hill, one will arrive at the scenic platform which represents highest point of the area.

Here you can look across to the villages of Kuk Po, Kai Kuk Shue Ha and Fung Hang, as well as Sha Tau Kok and Shenzhen. Continuing along the Walk, you will see the scene of hills and farmlands around you. Taking the steps near Nam Hang Mei down the hill, one will reach the finishing point of the Family Walk. From here, one can go north along Bride's Pool Road to get back to the starting point.


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Fung Hang Family Walk
Fung Hang Family Walk Fung Hang Family Walk    

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