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Tai Tan Country Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 3/4 Distance : 6.7 km Time : 2.75 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Hau Tong Kai
 Finishing Point : Hoi Ha Village

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Tai Tan Country Trail Information


The beginning section of Tai Tan Country Trail is in parallel with Hau Tong Kai, before arriving at Tai Tan Village. This bucolic hamlet is rimmed by coastal mangals where the nearby mudflats are home to mudskippers and fiddler crabs.

The path skirts along the coast, unveiling beautiful scenery of Tai Tan Channel, Ko Lau Wan and Tap Mun across the bay. At Nam Fung Wan, hikers can take a detour on the right to Wan Tsai Peninsula. The promontory was a borrow area in early 1980s. Afterwards, with large scale reforestation programme to repair the damaged landscape, and Sai Kung West Country Park Wan Tsai Extension was designated in 1996, the peninsula now boasts rich vegetation and a modern campsite for large group events.

If you take the coastal path on the left via Lan Lo Au, there is a spectacular view of Hoi Ha Wan. A sheltered and unpolluted bay, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park provides perfect habitats for marine animals such as corals, coral reef fishes, star fish and jelly fish.

The trail passes an abandoned lime kiln before entering Hoi Ha Village. This kiln is a famous relic showing early industry of lime production with oyster shells or coral skeletons since 1800s.


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Tai Tan Country Trail
Tai Tan Country Trail Tai Tan Country Trail    

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