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Pak Tam Country Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 2/4 Distance : 1.8 km Time : 1 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Pak Tam Au  
Finishing Point : Pak Tam Road Yee Ting

Difficulty (1 Stars)
Length (1 Star)
Time (1 Star)
Gradient (2 Stars)
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Surface (2 Stars)
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Pak Tam Country Trail Information


Pak Tam Country Trail lies within Sai Kung East Country Park. An ancient village path, it is a level route and suitable for the whole family.

Pak Tam Country Trail begins with a gentle climb through a dense forest with delightful sounds of insects and birds. Winding through the woods, the path trends down to a gap where the peaks surround on all sides. In the distance, Ngau Yee Shek Shan and Cheung Sheung rear up majestically.

Past the management centre, views open up to reveal Tai Cham Koi and Pai Ngak Shan on the left, as well as several rustic islands off the Sai Kung coast : the quaint chapel on Yim Tin Tsai, the Jockey Club Public Golf Course in northern Kau Sai Chau, anglers' favourite Kiu Tsui, and the notorious High Junk Peak in southeastern Sai Kung.

The trail ends at Pak Tam Road Yee Ting. This finishing point is a picturesque campsite, for which its entrance is approached by an ornate stone arch wall. Outside the camp, an elegant plant - Stripe Bamboo brandishes striking colours.


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Pak Tam Country Trail
Pak Tam Country Trail Pak Tam Country Trail    

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