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Nam Chung Country Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 3/4 Distance : 5.5 km Time : 2.5 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Nam Chung  
Finishing Point : Tan Chuk Hang

Difficulty (3 Stars)
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Length (2 Stars)
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Time (2 Stars)
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Surface (4 Stars)
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Nam Chung Country Trail Information


The first uphill section gives a panoramic view of Sha Tau Kok, taking in Hong Kong's largest egretries. In March to August every year, egrets and herons belonging to more than 6 different species roost in the egretries in Yim Tso Ha and A Chau. The mangroves on the shores of Luk Keng, the unspoiled bucolic charm of Nam Chung Valley, Luk Keng's freshwater marshes and web of fishponds are paradise for birds. Unfortunately only very limited habitats near the Hong Kong-China border are left undisturbed today.

Continuing on along the trail, you soon see Lo Lung Tin standing in front like a jade screen. Succeeding the mighty aura of the Pat Sin Leng range, Wong Leng and Ping Fung Shan, its peaks undulate. Beyond Kwai Tau Leng, the trail comes to pockets of wet paddy fields, lotus ponds, fruit trees and paddy ditches that create mini habitats for Night Heron, Chinese Pond Heron and Common Kingfisher. These undisturbed freshwater wetlands provide vital resources for diverse wildlife, thus create a self sufficient food chain.


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Nam Chung Country Trail
Nam Chung Country Trail Nam Chung Country Trail    

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