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High Junk Peak Country Trail
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Route Introduction
Level : 2/4 Distance : 6.4 km Time : 3 Hour(s)
Starting Point : Ng Fai Tin
 Finishing Point : Tai Miu Au

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High Junk Peak Country Trail Information


Most people trek the High Junk Peak Country Trail from Ng Fai Tin to Tai Miu Au. The beginning section is fairly steep but you can look back to beautiful Port Shelter as a reward. The section to Ha Yeung Shan and Miu Tsai Tun is much gentle, with contrasting views of scenic Clearwater Bay on the left and modern developments of Tseung Kwan O on the right. The once Tiu Keng Leng settlement and pier were replaced by MTR station and highrise communities.

The section between Ng Fai Tin and Ha Shan Tuk is also the High Junk Peak Mountain Bike Trail open for mountain biking on weekdays. Hikers and bikers should exercise care and patience to avoid accidents.

The trail winds round the mid slope, instead of the rugged uphill path, of High Junk Peak to reduce risk. Viewed from another angle, the sharp peak appears as rounded top!

Following the trail downhill, the lovely scenery of Hong Kong Island, Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club also comes into full view, as well as Basalt Island, the Ninepins, and Tung Lung Chau is within sight.


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High Junk Peak Country Trail
High Junk Peak Country Trail High Junk Peak Country Trail    

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