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Forming A Group

Forming A Group

Hiking is a group activity. A success ful and pleasurable hike is the result of teamwork. As a general rule, members of a hiking group should share the following tasks and responsibilities.

Hiking Leader - The Leader must be an experienced hiker with adequate hiking skills. He/she is the navigator and will assign different tasks to members of the group. In the event of an accident, the Leader will make final decisions. While ensuring all assigned tasks are carried out smoothly, he/she should promote teamwork, encourage others and render support.

Deputy Hiking Leader - It is the Deputy Leader's job to assist the Leader, and to take over his/her duties if required. The Deputy Leader can also double as the first aid officer or hike secretary. A hiker who goes on hiking trips regularly is a suitable candidate.

First Aid Officer -The First Aid Officer is responsible for giving first aid and looking after the health of all group members. He/she should carry a first aid box. He/she should also observe the physical conditions of group members along the way, and report anything of concern to the Leader.

Contact Person - The Contact Person does not physically join the hiking part, but he/she should know the planned trip in detail.


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