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Trail List
Section 1 Stanley Gap Road to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Section 6 Tai Po Road to Shing Mun Reservoir
Section 2 Wong Nai Chung Reservoir to Lam Tin Section 7 Shing Mun Reservoir to Yuen Tun Ha
Section 3 Lam Tin to Tseng Lan Shue Section 8 Yuen Tun Ha to Cloudy Hill
Section 4 Tseng Lan Shue to Sha Tin Pass Section 9 Cloudy Hill to Pat Sin Leng
Section 5 Sha Tin Pass to Tai Po Road Section 10 Pat Sin Leng to Nam Chung
Starting Point: Sha Tin Pass
Finishing Point: Tai Po Road
Length: 7.4 kilometres
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy Walk
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Ashort distance northwest of Sha Tin Pass, the Wilson Trail offers the first glimpse of the northern regions that it later crosses. Section 5 descends some gravelly hills. Here, along a bracken path, splendid vistas open up of the far northwest.

Pencil pines and thick stands of paperbarks, yellow-brown bark peeling, spread over the hills, while in the valley richer hues show native trees which have propagated naturally. Beard-like orange mosses and gray-green lichens edge the path. Dwarf bamboos and sedges hem in the small gully streams swinging out along the path, an opposite ridge closes in the scene. Then, around a corner, the vistas suddenly open up. Sha Tin’s tower blocks extend to the left beneath the foothills – and far off the ramparts of Pat Sin Leng rise up, 15 kilometres due north but over twice that distance as reached along the Wilson Trail.

Farther on, by a distinctive pine knoll, is a fine panorama of the southern New Territories. Sha Tin is now in central view, cradled between the Tai Mo Shan and Ma On Shan massifs. All the region’s main summits are in sight: the great bulk of Tai Mo Shan, the sharp profile of Needle Hill, Grassy Hill’s rounded summit – and, to the right, the magnificent uplands around Ma On Shan and The Hunch Backs.

Transport Access:
Public Transport Take the MTR to Wong Tai Sin station, then take a taxi to Sha Tin Pass. The start point of Section 5 is 50 metres north of Sha Tin Pass, as described below.

Taxi Distance and Time
Kowloon Star Ferry to Sha Tin Pass – 8 km, about 25 minutes.

Section Start Point
Section 5 is best hiked with Section 4, which ends at Sha Tin Pass. To do Section 5 alone, from Chuk Yuen North Estate, just north of the MTR Wong Tai Sin station, go up Sha Tin Pass Road. At the Sha Tin Pass food kiosk, walk north for 50 metres to the Country Parks map (W047). Section 5 starts by continuing out along the road. The food stall at Sha Tin Pass sells drinks and cooked food.

Section End Point
Kowloon Reservoir. To begin Section 6, cross Tai Po Road and walk right for 200 metres. To return home, take Bus 81 to the MTR Prince Edward or Sham Shui Po Station.

81            Wo Che Bus Terminus - Jordan (West Kowloon Station)


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