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logoThe Wilson Trail's route lies almost entirely within the park system. Indeed, along its entire 78 kilometres, only 15 kilometres run through non-park countryside or other areas.

In all, the Wilson Trail traverses eight of the Country Parks. On Hong Kong Island, Tai Tam Country Park and its Quarry Bay Extension begin the journey. Across the harbour, there is a gap where the Trail runs through hills outside the parks. Then come the three parks named Ma On Shan, Lion Rock and Kam Shan. In the central New Territories, the Wilson Trail heads north through Shing Mun Country Park and Tai Mo Shan Country Park. Finally it climbs into the majestic Pat Sin Leng Country Park. Each of the Country Parks the Wilson Trail traverses has its individual character and appeal - offering, as one proceeds from south to north, changing settings with much of interest.

Further information of MacLehose Trail can be found in the book "Wilson Trail" and "Country Map".



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