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Trail List
Section 1 Mui Wo to Nam Shan Section 7 Tai O to Kau Ling Chung
Section 2 Nam Shan to Pak Kung Au Section 8 Kau Ling Chung to Shek Pik
Section 3 Pak Kung Au to Ngong Ping Section 9 Shek Pik to Shui Hau
Section 4 Ngong Ping to Sham Wat Road Section 10 Shui Hau to Old Tung Chung Road
Section 5 Sham Wat Road to Man Cheung Po Section 11 Old Tung Chung Road to Pui O
Section 6 Man Cheung Po to Tai O Section 12 Pui O to Mui Wo
Starting Point: Pak Kung Au
Finishing Point: Ngong Ping
Length: 4.5 kilometres
Time: 2.15 hours
Difficulty: Very Difficult
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On the slope at the starting point of Section 3 of the Lantau Trail, the Chinese name of Pak Kung Au is carved on three rocks. Pak Kung means God of the Land. The guardian spirit of each place. Go up the steps from Pak Kung Au, and when you reach 400 metres the terrain becomes gentler. At Distance Post L020 the trail has a junction. Going along the Lantau Trail to the west, the terrain becomes steeper. At about 700 metres a huge rock lies on the mountain slope. Through a gap in the rock one can see down to Tong Fuk Village, and that is the well-known Nam Tin Mun. About one kilometre beyond Nam Tin Mun, the summit of Lantau Peak is not too far away. Keep going and you see a steep 'Ladder' of about 70 degrees, this Ladder of stone steps climbs the mountainside with the steps up to knee high. This is the toughest section of the Lantau Trail. And, especially going down, hikers must take care. After the hard climb down along the Sky Reaching Ladder, passing through the large wooden archway, it comes into Lantau Trail Section 4.

Transport Access:
To Pak Kung Au: Take bus route 3M at Mui Wo Bus Terminal; or take bus route 3M, 11 or 23 in Tung Chung.

New Lantao Bus
3M Mui Wo Ferry Pier - Tung Chung Town Center

3M Tung Chung Town Center - Mui Wo Ferry Pier
11 Tung Chung Town Center - Tai O
23 Tung Chung Town Center - Ngong Ping

Return from Ngong Ping: Walk through the archway and tea garden and reach the Ngong Ping bus terminal. Take bus route 2 to Mui Wo Ferry Pier; or take bus route 23 to Tung Chung.

New Lantao Bus
2 Ngong Ping - Mui Wo Ferry Pier
23 Ngong Ping - Tung Chung Town Center


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