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Trail List
Section 1 Mui Wo to Nam Shan Section 7 Tai O to Kau Ling Chung
Section 2 Nam Shan to Pak Kung Au Section 8 Kau Ling Chung to Shek Pik
Section 3 Pak Kung Au to Ngong Ping Section 9 Shek Pik to Shui Hau
Section 4 Ngong Ping to Sham Wat Road Section 10 Shui Hau to Old Tung Chung Road
Section 5 Sham Wat Road to Man Cheung Po Section 11 Old Tung Chung Road to Pui O
Section 6 Man Cheung Po to Tai O Section 12 Pui O to Mui Wo
Starting Point: Nam Shan
Finishing Point: Pak Kung Au
Length: 6.5 kilometres
Time: 2.75 hours
Difficulty: Very Difficult
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Section 2 of the Lantau Trail begins just beyond the Lantau archway at Nam Shan barbecue site. Going up the footpath the stone steps fit the side of the hill. There is a helipad and the Nam Shan Country Park Management Centre is just nearby. Beyond the helipad, a walk along the southeast of Yi Tung Shan brings us to more challenging slopes and terrain. After making a detour at the Height 534, the scenery changes. The footpath at Sheung Tung Au leads towards Lin Fa Shan. The northern edge of Yi Tung Shan is reached if one continues west. About another 800 metres farther on, there is an information board beside the road marking the start point of Wong Lung Hang Country Trail. Up on the 700 metres high slopes of Sunset Peak and Yi Tung Shan, the Stone Chalet at Sunset Peak is a great place to visit. Section 2 of the Lantau Trail crosses here. Going down from Sunset Peak, enjoy the scenery. The most attractive view is out over Cheung Sha Beach, which stretches on alongside South Lantau Road. The road at Pak Kung Au connects the northern and southern sides of Lantau. From here buses go to Tung Chung on the northern side or to Tai O, Ngong Ping and Mui Wo Ferry Pier on the southern side. Or you can continue along Section 3 of the Lantau Trail, which begins here.

Transport Access:
To Nam Shan: Take bus route 1 (Sectional fare) at Mui Wo Bus Terminal; or take bus route 3M in Tung Chung.

New Lantao Bus
1 Mui Wo Ferry Pier - Tai O
3M Tung Chung Town Center - Mui Wo Ferry Pier

Return from Pak Kung Au: Take bus route 3M to Mui Wo Ferry Pier; or take bus route 3M, 11, 23 to Tung Chung.

New Lantao Bus
3M Tung Chung Town Center - Mui Wo Ferry Pier

3M Mui Wo Ferry Pier - Tung Chung Town Center
11 Tai O - Tung Chung Town Center
23 Ngong Ping - Tung Chung Town Center



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