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Trail List
Section 1 The Peak to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road Section 5 Wong Nai Chung Gap to Mount Parker Road
Section 2 Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road to Peel Rise Section 6 Mount Parker Road to Tai Tam Road
Section 3 Peel Rise to Wan Chai Gap Section 7 Tai Tam Road to To Tei Wan
Section 4 Wan Chai Gap to Wong Nai Chung Gap Section 8 To Tei Wan to Tai Long Wan
Starting Point: Tai Tam Road
Finishing Point: To Tei Wan
Length: 7.5 kilometres
Time: 2.0 hours
Difficulty: Easy Walk
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Hong Kong Trail Section Seven begins at Tai Tam Road. It is a level and easy hike that orbits around the mid-slopes of Obelisk Hill along paved catchment footpaths. The only demanding section is the last approach to Shek O Road. Your hike starts at the section of Tai Tam Road on the north bank of Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. A flight of steps leads down from the main road to the Tai Tam East catchment. The catchwater tunnel has quite a long history, as the inscription "1934" at the top suggests. In about 10 minutes you come to Obelisk Hill, marked with a hilltop blank obelisk that faces an identical token atop Redhill Peninsula. They are believed to be underwater navigation markers set up by the British forces during the Second World War to guide submarines in and out of Tai Tam Bay.

About fifteen minutes after Marker-post 72, the vista gradually opens up. There is an unobstructed view of the Tai Tam Tuk main dam from where you set off. Further up, a dreamy picture of an inshore seascape unfolds. Continuing on, the trail arrives at a high point above Lan Nai Wan. The bay harbours a dozen or so village houses, and a rather attractive Lin Hok Taoist Monastery.

Follow the direction post for the Hong Kong Trail at the trail forks. Not too far away, you can hear the sound of waves rushing to the shore: To Tei Wan. To continue the Hong Kong Trail, you can walk up to the stairs on the left to end point at Shek O Road.

Transport Access:
To get to the starting point on Tai Tam Road, take the following transport routes :

14 Grand Promenade - Stanley Fort (Gate) / Ma Hang

16M Chai Wan MTR Station - Stanley / Chung Hom Kok (Ma Hang)
16X Chai Wan MTR Station - Stanley Village


For your return journey from Shek O :

9 Shau Kei Wan - Shek O


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