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Trail List
Section 1 The Peak to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road Section 5 Wong Nai Chung Gap to Mount Parker Road
Section 2 Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road to Peel Rise Section 6 Mount Parker Road to Tai Tam Road
Section 3 Peel Rise to Wan Chai Gap Section 7 Tai Tam Road to To Tei Wan
Section 4 Wan Chai Gap to Wong Nai Chung Gap Section 8 To Tei Wan to Tai Long Wan
Starting Point: Wan Chai Gap
Finishing Point: Wong Nai Chung Gap
Length: 7.5 kilometres
Time: 2.0 hours
Difficulty: Easy Walk
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Hong Kong Trail Section Four begins at Lady Clementi's Ride. This ride is named after the wife of Sir Cecil Clementi, the 17th Governor of Hong Kong. It is one of only two hill paths with proper road signs in Hong Kong, the other one being Sir Cecil's Ride. The trail skirts around Aberdeen Upper Reservoir. This shaded woodside walk brings you to a domain of eye-catching butterflies and forest birds. To help wild birds reproduce, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has put up many artificial nest boxes on tree branches.

The trail takes you deep into the dense forests of Wan Chai Gap, crossing a series of old English bridges. Many native evergreen trees here are featured with information plates to help you learn a little more about them. You can familiarize yourself with representative species like Ivy Tree (Schefflera heptaphylla), Turn-in-the-wind (Mallotus paniculatus), Incense Tree (Aquilaria sinensis) and Reevesia (Reevesia thyrsoidea). The Incense Tree is a raw material for fragrant incense, this species is said to be the origin for the name of Hong Kong, since Aberdeen used to be a major port for exporting Incense Tree wood.

Walking on, you soon arrive at Middle Gap road. This is a wide vehicular road that meanders its way up Mount Cameron. Up on the peak, the sweeping panorama of Wong Chuk Hang and beyond is exhilarating. While you struggle up the slope, keep an eye out for Goat Horns (Strophanthus divaricatus), one of the four most poisonous plants in Hong Kong. At Black's Link, the route follows the vehicular road down to Wong Nai Chung Road, and eventually comes to an end at the junction of Wong Nai Chung Gap Road and Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Road. The entire Section Four is mainly level paved pathways that are easy to tackle. The only demanding section is the sinuous vehicular road between Middle Gap Road and Black's Link, which is a 15-minute uphill climb with little shade.

Transport Access:
Take public transport to Wan Chai Gap. Walk along Aberdeen Reservoir Road for about 15 minutes to the starting point. Transport routes available are :

15 Central - The Peak
15B Wan Chai (HKCEC Extension) - The Peak (only runs on Sundays and public holidays)


For your return journey from Wong Nai Chung Gap, choose any of the following transport routes :

6 Central (Exchange Square) - Stanley Prison
41A Wah Fu (Central) - North Point Ferry Pier
76 Shek Pai Wan - Causeway Bay (Pennington Street)


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