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Trail List
Section 1 The Peak to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road Section 5 Wong Nai Chung Gap to Mount Parker Road
Section 2 Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road to Peel Rise Section 6 Mount Parker Road to Tai Tam Road
Section 3 Peel Rise to Wan Chai Gap Section 7 Tai Tam Road to To Tei Wan
Section 4 Wan Chai Gap to Wong Nai Chung Gap Section 8 To Tei Wan to Tai Long Wan
Starting Point: Peel Rise
Finishing Point: Wan Chai Gap
Length: 6.5 kilometres
Time: 1.75 hours
Difficulty: Fairly Difficult
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Hong Kong Trail Section Three leads from Peel Rise to Wan Chai Gap via Aberdeen Reservoir Road. Skirting around the mid-slopes of Tin Wan Shan, this route consists primarily of level hill paths and passes several streams along the way. It is a hike of medium difficulty. Making a start at Peel Rise, a wide paved road leads uphill for about half an hour. All the while, the sound of rushing water can be heard, hinting at the presence of a flowing stream. Soon, a small cascade and pool appear on the right: the downstream section of Keung Fa Kan.

Chasing a bend of the hill, the trail crosses a bridge to an open space. Here, you find an unusual "foot reflexology" path and a rain shelter, both catering to the needs of morning walkers. The trail traverses a series of streams and bridges, all marked by "Flash Flood warning signs that remind visitors not to attempt to cross the stream when there is a torrent or when the bridge/rock surface is submerged. All along the route, magnificent trees tower over the trailside, embellished by a host of ferns and mosses.

A little distance ahead, Aberdeen Lower Reservoir and Aberdeen Upper Reservoir come into view, followed by the sea horse logo and cable cars of Ocean Park in Wong Chuk Hang. These reservoirs were the last two to be built on Hong Kong Island. Beyond the lakes, the trail continues through hill paths and streams, until dividing into two routes just past Marker-post 36. At the fork, follow the Hong Kong Trail for Wan Chai Gap. On the farther side of some thick woods, there is a last glimpse of Aberdeen Upper Reservoir. About 15 minutes ahead, you arrive at Aberdeen Reservoir Road near Wan Chai Gap, which marks the end of Hong Kong Trail Section Three.

Transport Access:
Take public transport to Aberdeen Reservoir Road. Walk up Peel Rise by Pui Tak Canossian College for about 30 minutes to the starting point of Hong Kong Trail Section Three. Transport routes available are :

7 Central (Ferry Piers) - Shek Pai Wan
76 Shek Pai Wan - Causeway Bay (Pennington Street)

95 Ap Lei Chau Estate / Lee Nam Road Industrial Area - Aberdeen / Shek Pai Wan

4B Shek Pai Wan- Wan Chai (Johnston Road)
4C Shek Pai Wan - Causeway Bay (Cannon Street)
4M Shek Pai Wan -Wong Chuk Hang Station
52 Shek Pai Wan - Stanley Prison


For your return journey, walk down Aberdeen Reservoir Road for about 15 minutes to Wan Chai Gap for public transport :

15 Central - The Peak
15B Wan Chai (HKCEC Extension) - The Peak (only runs on Sundays and public holidays)


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