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logoThe Hong Kong Trail is a 50 kilometre walking route which passes through the five country parks on Hong Kong island.

The trail is divided into eight sections which provide a variety of walks of different lengths and character. Rather than try to complete them all at once you may wish to plan a series of leisurely walks to appreciate the scenery along the trail. Please note that there are no camp sites along the trail and you are advised to leave the trail with sufficient time to reach home before nightfall.

To help you to plan your walking, you may take reference of the degree of difficulty in terms of length, gradient and ruggedness and explains where you can reach or leave the trail by public transport.

There are also waymarks and information boards along the trail. You may walk the trail from west to east or vice versa; the information presented here follows a west to east direction. It is hoped that the walks will provide for many interests; for example, there is unlimited scope for the photographer, for the naturalist and geographer, and for the historian to discover remnants of Hong Kong's history.

Further information of Hong Kong Trail can be found in the book "The Peak" and "Country Map".



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