4 Points to Note Along the Way

  • Follow the decisions and instructions of an experienced hiking leader. Don’t leave your group halfway through the trip.
  • Pay special attention to the way-marks and landforms to ensure that one is on the right track.
  • Pay attention to the hazard warning signs erected along the route.
  • Pay attention to mountain bikes when hiking at mountain bike trails.
  • Pay attention to the physical fitness of the team members. Take suitable break for the whole team to ensure that no one is straggling behind or straying away.
  • Watch out for any changes in your surrounding environment. Listen to the weather and news report so as to take early precautionary measures.
  • In case of bad weather, one should consider shortening or curtailing the planned route.
  • In case of emergency or journey overdue, inform the families of the participants or ask the contact person to relay your message.
  • Don't deviate from the planned route indiscriminately or attempt to take any overgrown shortcuts or venture into bushes or forests. You may find yourself getting lost or stranded in a place where you can neither retreat nor proceed.
  • Don't collect and eat wild fruit, mushroom or drink untreated stream water.
  • To avoid hillfire, don't light fire or cook at any place other than designated barbecue sites and campsites. Offenders will be prosecuted.
  • Don’t stand at a cliff educe or climb onto rocks to take photos or view the scenery. way from the hazard safely.